About the header

The header is of that bloody famous sacred bridge that is the entrance to the Rinnoji temple complex. Don’t ask me the name, I’m crap at things like that. (Nikko, Tochigi-ken, where the Tokugawa VIPs rest.)

And yes. This is my picture and I took it myself. It looks much better in real life. Overexposure. It’s hard to capture it like it is, because an eye and a camera is worlds apart.



  1. What about those who were living in it before and after you occupied it???

    • as in i lived ALONEEEE without snarky families so it’s like i didn’t share the residence

      • Oh yes. Yeah, I consider that room I stayed in at Osaka to be my home too. With such a gorgeous view, I don’t even mind it being small and shit. Plus, the toilet is clean.

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