I eat

I am semi-pescetarian. I’ve quit all meat except chicken and shellfish.

To guide my friends who ask me out or cook for me or invite me:

I don’t eat pork, lard, alcohol, carnivores, amphibians, because of my faith. But I would not eat them anyhow.

I don’t eat tofu and mutton because I think they are gross.

I don’t eat beef by choice anymore, but I eat beef if people serve it to be polite. I prefer not to though.

I don’t eat brinjals and yam. And most beans.

I eat most seafood, but I don’t quite like the shell varieties as my nose is sensitive to the smell. I have a dislike for shrimp and prawns lately, because after you’ve eaten them fresh you just can’t go below that. And so effectively I’m almost vegan this way. I think I eat salmon and tuna the most and like them the most, except at home because I’ve no choice. And so that means if I don’t go out, I really am effectively vegan.

Although dairy products are good, but I rarely drink milk.

I don’t eat sweets and junk food that you snack on. I can’t remember the last time I ate a potato chip. I don’t eat chocolate except the dark varieties or the no-sugar varieties.

I don’t eat ice cream and most sweet things. I don’t snack, period. And if I do, I eat very big meals, like sausages and eggs, apples, yoghurt.

In Singapore, make sure the place / food has a halal sign. Whilst I am in Singapore, I don’t consume stuff with no halal sign. That is a rule. And I only accept food that has established halal signs from known authorities, like Australia’s HAACP, Thailand, USA, Malaysia’s halal signs, etc. I do not use discretion in Singapore, like some Muslims do. I use certification. I am one of the stricter ones.

In Japan, I read ingredient labels actively and have memorized most of the no-no stuff.


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