Posted by: the queen | September 19, 2009

moar close shavees

i’m typing with a plastic glove over my right hand so excuse al the typos. that i’m too lazy to correct.

went out to hunt for green packets….DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND THOSE???? then finally, guess where i found them? at the mama shop (well, apek shop) at the mrt…i nearly gave up. I went to popular, cold storage, dunoe where else to go…was hoping metro would give me some but no..

anyhoos, i bought my mom a bday gift. actually i only wanted half of it for her, but it came in a set. i wanted to get her a pattern i knew she would like, so i got her the carlo rino flower pattern that she once said was pretty. it’s a long wallet and small purse set. i only wanted the small purse for her (for her to keep her tupperware money, she says) but since it wasn’t sold separately, i settled for both for 85.50. not bad considering that the wallet by itself cost 120.

i hope she likes it.

then i went to look for my wood wipes. guess what? no more. so i had to buy the liquid type and use my own cloth.

then finally i somehow thought of maybe the apek sell (i saw the ketupats hanging on his ceiling and it occurred to me) so I went. i first only saw like small white envelopes. thought i’d buy those..then i saw at the counter have!!! i was so happy!!! then he saw me approach and he was oh yeah i know what you want…here take your pick, you last minute shopper…how many you wnat? 50,100? i’m like no lah!!! i only got 16 cousins and nephews together. i bought 20 – i have 4 more which i will use fo rmy babies. no my bbaies will get the new ones, other people can get the old ones, ppl that i don’t give a shit about. hahahaha!

so that ends my last minute hari raya shopping and i am now going back to cleaning my room. my dad mopped my floor for me so that’s a relief, althoguh when i clean my cipboards it means there will be dust al over so i will probably remop with the sanitizer.

Posted by: the queen | September 18, 2009

the thingsi do for my children

I’m like…looking for specimen money to print. now that my sister won’t be giving them money anymore (because apparently I can’t be given money) the kids will be disappointed, so I’m making fake money to put into envelopes. if they don’t get anything they’ll be miserable.

i have that to do, and i still haven’t gotten around to making their hari raya clothes for them. gah! room is stlil a mess, since I fell asleep this morning and woke up at 230.

on that note, i would really like tom felton to know that to get water out in your ear, fill your ear with more water. the water will “combine” so when you tilt it out everything goes (including the previously stuck water.)

but alas, there’s no way of telling him, and he’s going to waste time and money going to the doctor just because there is water in his ear.

Posted by: the queen | September 18, 2009

i just had a heck of a close shave


when i got to the counter and asked for $2-notes (maybe she didn’t hear me right, cos I asked for 32 bucks I think) she was like we’re out of it. And she only had like this few, which she showed me so I asked how many she had. She had 16 notes, which was just nice (I have 16 cousins+nephews. hey, I have no nieces!)

So I”m like YUSSS THAT’S JUST NICE I’LL TAKE THEM ALL. then she was like really? the notes are reallyold and shit. And I’m like ya I don’t care I need the 2 dollars notes. (I can’t afford to give them $5 a piece.) so I cleaned out the last existing reserve of $2-notes. Anyone behind me wanting to get $2 notes, sorry!

then when I was getting home, the neighbour’s huge black dog was gambolling around the lift lobby. i was so afraid that thing would come in, so I closed the lift door. they tried to catch but it was running too fast, I think…so in the end th elift went up and I got out at the 8th floor and walked down. silly me for not thinknig of it at first, but really. KEEP YOUR BLOODY DOGS IN THE HOUSE IF YOU’RE NOT GONNA PUT A LEASH ON THEM.

i’m sorry. I don’t like those things.

Posted by: the queen | September 18, 2009


I really haven’t been blogging since twitter, eh? it’s so fun! it made me get a broadband on mobile plan, twitter did, cos I’m constantly on it. but speaking of which – new phone yes.

I wanted to get a new phone because I was afraid that my old, 2.5 year-old phone would bank out on me and where would I be, because foreigners can’t buy phones in Japan (fairly idiotic. how to improve economy liddat? change it hatoyama!)

So I decided I was kind of afraid that touch screens would screw up, so I decided on the samsung f400.

What i planned as well, was that since I have 2 phones, I’ll keep my sg sim card in one, and a japanese sim card ( need a local no. to make domestic calls as i’ll be calling domestic, a lot. the sg no. i use for calls here. I can reverse charges so it’s like, less ex.) so that it means that every time i put my japanese sim card in doesn’t mean my mother can’t call me.

I also wanted email capabilities.

And hten I decided that I’d like to add a broadband plan because i use twitter on mobile.

So when i told my parents, esp. the last part, my dad said i must sponsor half. i told him i can just sponsor in full. he said you can only get a new phone if have a new line (tho’ i rem otherwise) so we traipsed down to ask later. the big debate was that we would lose his 4 dollar rebate thing.

turns out i can get a new phone, i can recontract. so dad had to come down.

then found this new plan, 36 flexi lite. but had to make new line to get free caller id, so decided to do so.

turns out that when my dad took on the 4 dollar rebate thing, it means that my contract end date was extended to dec 2010. can you believe it?!!? so I can’t cancel my line (iwas kinda happy. i wanted my number.) but i can still recontract. so we just got back the same plan plus mobile broadband.

oh, and, the phone was out of stock. so i was canoodled into paying 98 bucks for touchscreen phone. (samsung preston) my dad gave methe money back but i gave it to my mom. so far not too bad – i didn’t want the preston cos it was touchscren and call quality bad (forgot that till after i paid, but i knew there was a reason why i dind’t want it) but I did need a second phone. so w/e.

anyhoos the call quality IS bad. good thing tho’. cos i don’t call that much and it blocks out some bits of calls that i don’t wnat (like someone trying to get me to do a marketing job). i only call my mom. if i need good call quality i’ll use my other phone. I’ll see how it is in japan.

but when i called my mom, i could hear her ok. a bit dull, the sound, but…i don’t see what hte big diff is really.

so yeah. touchscreen is pretty fun to play with, and surfing the net is really much more easier too, cos you can just use your finger.annoying tho’ because you always accidentally press the wrong stuff so only a baby would have no trouble.

Posted by: the queen | September 11, 2009

my sad morning

got up at 8.30, so I planned to take a cab (as usual.)

got out of the house at 9.25. no cash. no NETS cab came before the bus came. Got on the bus, thinking I”ll choose a NETS cab at a taxi stand.

Taxi stand. No NETS cab. after maybe a minute of waiting I went to withdraw money.

In that space of time, when I came back, there were a billion people at the stand.

Called a cab. None free.

Nearing 10 am, I’m like…even if I took a cab, I’d be dead late. And I’d rather go home and do my IRB which is more pressing at the moment, because I’d sleep in Gana’s class anyway and I don’t want to be late for Gana’s class, emphatically. I’d rather not be there.

So I went home. And now I’m home.

Posted by: the queen | September 9, 2009

pls don’t be idiotic. I don’t want to go out with you ever. We’ve had good times, it’s over. I’m not about to make dates with you and keep getting stood up, I’ve a limit to how far friendship can go.

Yes. I do. Takes very little for me to remove you from my I’d-like-to-spend-time-with-you list. Stand me up, ditch me for a guy. I’ll stop taking you seriously immediately. as a friend, as a human being.

cos I have much better things to do with my life than hang about with people who are probably clueless to boot. not your fault, not my fault, not anyone’s fault, but I’d be a lot happier if you’d leave me alone.

Posted by: the queen | September 7, 2009

pogsy gave me senbetsu: 10,000 yen woot! then my mom dug up 7600 yen from last time I went, so I don’t have to change money when I get there. Should be more than enough to takkyuubin, top up my suica and get away from narita.

oh, she gave me suica card also! and other shopping cards – buy donut and some shopping complex. wow she really shop a lot leh. I’m not going to shop that much. I only buy omiyage, cos I’m not much of a clothes buyer in Japan cos they are too frilly in dept stores and I don’t like. and I scared to go into boutique type stores.

omgomgomg shit I’m going in like hmm 3 weeks!

paperwork finally seeing the last of me, but I slitl have some last minute things to settle with JF and LOA, which I’ll settle on wednesday cos tmr I wanna bake stuff with my cousins who are coming!!!

Life rawks. (although I wasn’t thinking so this time last week. I think I was quite suicidal, actually)

thanks to pogsy giving me the senbetsu, i was able to make her accept her hari raya money (i.e. translation money) so we’re quits. I threatened her, if she gives it back ot me, I won’t take her senbetsu, so she shut up.

See, that is how people should receive senbetsu, ehh? 😀 next time don’t return!

Once the LOA and other paperwork is settled, I need to get back to serious academic work and crank up the mode so that I won’t go there and make a fool out of myself. spking of which I think i ran into dr gana but I kinda wasn’tr really looking so i kinda smiled at the door. if you can call it a smile; i call it a grimace. i think he smiled at me tho’. see he knows me. shit!

if i saw the TA would I smile?

I didn’t go home with chong and fazli cos i didn’t bring my phone. nyaha! but I had to rush and normally they go home at 4 plus so that’s ok. I had to speedpost lyzie’s stuff to her. woot. I hope it gets there safely. which was why I used speedpost – it’s a lot easier to track if anything goes wrong. that’s a veyr important card over thar.

sat next to japanese dude again in class. must be fate. *snort* and no, I don’t like him, for anyone who has ideas. I’ve seriously gone out on the asian dudes and I really want to marry jonathan togo. he’s so cute. *sigh* cos silly pogs didn’t think I would turn up so she saved a seat for her loverboy instead of me the great kuso. pui.

need to write a list of people that i owe omiyage also. oh, and sundays are free once more but i’ve only the one sunday left to be free, so I’m gonna have to do SERIOUS CLEANING then.

gawd. my room, oh god. it looks like the junk it was, worse even.

Posted by: the queen | September 5, 2009

feeling bad again

but not as bad as before my period. Then I think I really felt close to dying. Now I’m still quite exhausted but I feel okay-refreshed after sleeping, altho’ i did sleep the whole day and still felt exhausted by the time 11 pm rolled around. and there’s bloating and stuff but not so much, and I can get it out more than before. my stomach hurts at night, but not as much as before. since I was fine during my period, I guess it’s the fasting, which is worrying because fasting has never screwed me up before, but oh well, I guess I’ll just pray very hard. I must have some hell of toxins to remove from my body.

and on that note, I have really no appetite. I think I”m going to reach 40 kg at this rate. without trying. my last count was 45.2, or something..I’ve never yet reached 47 to my knowledge, but it’s not like I minded, in my opinion it’s still quite healthy. after all, it’s not about the numbers, it’s about your health. but anyway, today my favourite dish udang masak lemak suddenly made me feel sick. I’ve always hated it with nenas so maybe that’s a factor, but I could barely stand the smell. My nose has always been sensitive, but I’m becoming more and more sensitive to bau hamis (the seafood smell) and I really feel like throwing up sometimes. so I load up on the veggies instead. i think i might seriously go vegan. but when I think about my favourites like the indon ayam panggang, I find that I still feel like I want to eat…my mom’s rendang also I’d like to eat…so I guess it just has to be something savoury.

but I signed up for no-meat thursdays, for the environment. well, I have a lot of no-meat days, actually..but when you say no-meat, does that include like, fish? cos fish isn’t part of the rearing industry, is it? but well, I’ll try not to eat meat outside on thursdays. i don’t have a say at home.

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sos, I go for soci tutorial today. my goodness. hahahaha.

oh, and i totally slept through gana’s class. I think he saw. but I think I don’t care.

the TA is not as hot as he looks from far. But he’s okay2. typical north indian maybe slightly above average.

but he’s moderately funny altho’ I kind of tuned out a lot.

Oh, the mandatory introduction. He wuz like some idiot in his previous class was like “OI YOU STUPID OR WHAT NO INTRO IS IT” so he went, k, tell your name and what you like about singapore and what you don’t like. then we groaned. then he’s like, wat boring ah. ok, then..criticize Marxist theory.


That’s damn funny!

So we settled for the first. And it came to mine. Very simple.

“My name is Hafizah. What I like about Singapore…What I don’t like about Singapore…I don’t like Singapore guys.”

*chorus of OOHS and laughter.”

“And what I like…I like the girls.”

You can hear this pause where people are thinking omygodissheserious???? and then uncomfortable laughter. Then he does the why JS and I’m like I wanted to take Japanese and French at the same time so either japanese or european studies. he’s like it’s got nth to do with the japanese boys and i’m like HELLZ NAW

I’m into caucasians now. namely, one german dude named mark. hahahhaah!

anyway, it was ok.

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Hm, you know, underground music is not that weird sounding. Only the seriously underground ones are. They’re quite radio friendly. Anyway, Augustana is quite big, just that I think they’re not in this market yet.

His voice is bordering on the nasaly side, you know, that kind of voice. I’m prefer Snow Patrol’s kind of voice, or John Rzeznik. the kind that lulls you into a deeply emo mood.

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