The wishlist

You get to see what kind of a freak shopaholic I am.


1. My academic books

2. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

3. The controversial HP fans’ opinions (some of them quite funny)

4. John Ceepak series

5. The book Shinohara showed me

Beauty products

1. Exfoliator (body)

2. Handwash

3. DIY Hairdye

Other stuff

1. designer crossbody bag that isn’t square and has a broad base. I think the nicest was from burberry…I don’t want to buy it, but at least it wasn’t the nova pattern. maybe I should have a pop in the blue label. It has to be big, because I actually carry A LOT of shit with me everywhere. oh, i just saw a gorgeous salvatore ferragamo one. OK, I want that one!!!! ugh, I need a freaking job.

2. designer wallet. but luckily My wallet stands firm so I really don’t need it. unlike a handbag, because my current handbag is always crammed full…I should probably carry the sembonia crossbody next time.

3. black, velvet/suede (I’m kinda sick of leather. because all my shoes are that plasticky tough material) heeled platform pumps. probably round toe. some nice ones from banana republic but the best I saw was the one I saw a year ago. heel is preferrably thicker than normal, streamlined. square heel, I think…?

Other than that, I think I pretty much own everything else!

Room stuff

1. More lining paper

2. Candle battery thingamajigs

3. Dehumidifier

4. That nice incense

5. Bedspread

6. Tissue cover

7. laptop table

Actually I’d like to move out to a whole new house.


1. The Mentalist dvds

2. CSI Miami DVDs

3. Danny Phantom DVDs


1. Telekong

2. A Car


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