Posted by: the queen | May 25, 2009

“this is…really heavy”

QUOTE OF THE DAY!!! by spiderman!

:D:D:D:D that was really funny.

meant to watch spongebob, ended up watching spiderman 2. ahahahaha. OH AND WHO TOLD ME SPIDERMAN 2 WAS NOT CORNY?!?!? WHOOO???? if i had listened to you – i strongly suspect someone – I would have SORELY. REGRETTED. IT. because it was ASS HELL CORNY. IS A WOMAN RUNNING AWAY IN HER WEDDING DRESS AND MACKING ON TOBEY MAGUIRE AND PROMISING TO BE WITH HIM DESPITE HIS STRESSFUL LIFESTYLE NOT CORNY????? it is waaaaaaaay too much. corn.

on a side note, tobey – is that how you spell it? is cute in SUCH a nerdy geeky way. did y’all see the ellen epi where he called ellen and said I love you, then called back to leave another message saying that he didn’t mean it that way but that he loved her? etc. hahaahah.


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